We provide weekly publications covering all 2,711 pages of the Talmud according to the order of daf yomi. Over 25,000 copies of our publications are distributed weekly to hundreds of schools and communities throughout Israel and North America.

The publication offers a brief concept from each daf of the week. Additionally, they contain historical Israeli concepts that connect learners to Zionist ideas and values ​​of identity (Israeli figures, historical events, and places throughout Eretz Yisrael).

Each publication contains an Aramaic-English dictionary, quiz questions with prizes, a Dvar Torah for the Shabbat table, and columns about modern Israel and Jewish history.

Periodically, Talmud Israeli produces special publications for different holidays covering the historical, halakhic and substantive context of that holiday. Schools and communities around the world look forward to these special publications, which are colorful, and feature high quality design and production values.


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