Talmud Israeli is an educational, communal, and social project that aims to supply the tools for a meaningful, contemporary connection to Jewish and Israeli values, while strengthening Jewish identity and reinforcing the link to Israeli culture and heritage.


Many generations have found a way to connect to their identity, heritage, community, families, and roots through the Talmud. It bridges generations, and connects the Written and Oral Torah.


The project is comprised of seven volumes that cover the entire Talmud, in the order of Daf Yomi (daily page), with Tosafot (annotations to the Talmud), illustrations, stories, figures and a chronological timeline. The volumes are adapted for the joint study of parents, teachers and children in their homes, schools, and communities.


Self-learning packages are distributed weekly to thousands of students via email and to dozens of schools and community centers throughout the country. The packages include the page to be studied during that week, as well as a link to Israeli and Zionistic ideas and values ​​– important characters, events and places that are found within the Israeli curriculum. The project operates in hundreds of schools and communities throughout the country and around the world in the form of a daily lesson, studied in the Beit Midrash together by both parents and children. It serves as enrichment for Jewish studies and as a means to connect to the Jewish community. The project is translated into different languages ​​in schools and Jewish communities throughout Europe and the United States.


As part of our school and community activities, we hold record events that include: masechet completion parties, large quizzes, educational trips, and more. The Talmud Israeli Facebook page will publish a daily post, which will include a unique and creative approach to the content of that day’s page.


There are 5-minute videos of the Talmud Israeli, produced in cooperation with the Meir Institute, starring famous Israeli children’s actors Assi and Tuvia. They are designed for children and dramatize classic Talmudic issues dealing with the laws and basic values ​​of the Jewish people. There is no better source of Jewish wisdom, halakha, aggadah, thought and midrash than the thousand-year-old Jewish Talmud. Studying the Talmud brings us together with our roots, with the past, with the friend and with the hevruta, and most importantly allows us to connect with our children and with ourselves.


Linking Generations – Connecting Worlds


מחברים דורות- מפגישים עולמות

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